How We Got Here

Packed full of heat & flavor!

Horton's Hot is a perfectly balanced hot sauce that was designed by Chef Matthew Horton and produced in Orange County California. This hot sauce is a one of kind creation inspired by the infamous "Orange Sauce" produced all over the San Jose California, Bay Area!

Chef Horton has spent the last 8 years perfecting his very own orange sauce! Focusing only on the highest quality, fresh ingredients and the Chile de Arbol pepper.  Horton's Hot is a well-balanced and absolutely delicious hot sauce!  Packed full of heat and flavor!

Executive Chef Matthew Horton, CFO Donald Lopez Co-founders and partner Edith Preciado are focused on their passion for spicy tasty sauce! Excellence, balance & perfection is Horton's Hot driving force in creating this amazing product! One taste and your hooked!



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