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In 2004 Chef Horton fell in love with a hot sauce in Silicon Valley called “Orange Sauce”.  A very well know hot sauce in the Northern California Bay Area. Created by a restaurant next San Jose State College called La Victoria’s. After moving to Southern California in 2012 Chef Horton noticed there was nothing like the hot sauce he was so fond of from Northern California. Since Executive Chef Matthew Horton had been perfecting his own hot sauce recipe over the last 15 years. He finally came up with a very well balanced, packed full of flavor, with a punch of garlic and that’s how Horton’s Hot – Original Chile De Arbol,

Hot sauce came to light!

Chef Horton’s secret in creating this hot sauce was by using a mixture of fresh produce and dried chili de arbol instead of just using dried spices. In OCTOBER 2018 Chef Matthew Horton and founding partner Donal Lopez launched the first Horton’s Hot sauce 5oz bottles!

 Chef Horton & Donal Lopez vision is to get a bottle into every house in America , distributed to all restaurants and retail stores throughout the United States because they both believe that this product is one

of a kind and is that GOOD!




Matthew K Horton or Chef Horton has been running restaurants, nightclubs, and catering for over 20 years. He started at the bottom in Northern California as a dishwasher and quickly moved up the ranks to line cook. Within just 5 years, at the age of  24. Chef Horton was offered Executive Chef position in San Jose. This is where he started to fall in love with what we call “Orange Sauce”, from a local Mexican restaurant that feed mostly college kids in “La Victoria’s”. His love, no! Passion!!- The passion for the hot sauce drove Chef Horton to create his very own bottled hot sauce. Chef Hortons drive and dedication never faded he had been experimenting  for the last 15 years on getting his recipe just right for that perfect balance of heat and flavor.  



Donal Lopez  has 14 years of being a seasoned and very successful salesman. This young man a true success has been in sales all his adult life. Now at the age of 30, owns a very successful flooring comping called SURAFCE TEMPO in Irvine CA. Donal met Chef Horton at G & A Flooring where Donal and Matthew worked side by side running flooring and remodeling projects. He got to taste of Chef Horton’s hot sauce and immediately wanted to invest to get the company going. Now 1 year later Horton’s Hot is being sold in Amazon, restaurants and soon retail stores. As well as winning FIRST PLACE 2019 National hot sauce competition in Buffalo N at the Buffalo wing festival. Donal Lopez just like Chef Horton truly believe in this hot sauce because it’s one of a kind and truly can be put on any cuisine!

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